Floridians attentive to tropical wave with cyclonic potential.

The Tropical Wave that passed through Puerto Rico during the day today is expected to move towards the Gulf of Mexico where it may find a favorable environment for its development. It has a 0% chance of development in 48 hours and 10% within the next 5 days.


The environmental conditions for its development are not favorable at this time, but once it moves into the Gulf of Mexico there will be a more conducive environment for development.

As of now, the uncertainty lies in whether or not it may become a tropical cyclone because it will be very close to land by the time it has favorable conditions to develop. Currently there is no consensus in the global models about the future of this system.

Regardless of whether it develops or not, it will cause an increase in rain for Florida during the next week. Floridians should keep an eye on this system to see how it evolves.